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We are always interested in receiving submissions from creatives, writers, photographers, artists, illustrators and poets. If you have an idea for a piece you would like to submit then please contact or complete our online form.

If submitting photography:
– Please submit a maximum of 10 photos.
– Include a short description of your concept and why you think it would fit with aspect magazine.
– Include clear credits of who was involved and a description of how you would like it to be presented.
– All final high-res images need to be at least 300 dpi.

If submitting writing, submissions should be between 600 – 1000 words. Please send us an image or give us an indication of what image you would like to be the feature image for your writing. The image size should follow the same guidelines as that of photography images being submitted.

Alternatively, send us a 200-300 pitch for your writing expressing exactly what the article/essay would be about. Please make it clear that it is pitch by including ‘Pitch’ in the description of the document.

Issue 2: Time and Space

Time and Space. If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that time is precious. Time is all we have. Yet, we can’t pick it up or feel it. Some say time is an illusion, and some claim the only thing that exists is the present moment.

Space has been a contentious subject in recent times. Many of us bound to a specific space, told to keep space from others, and public spaces dictated by the rules of governments. There has also been dialogue about outer space and the ability of billionaires to spend unreal amounts of money on space travel. How ever you perceive these words, whether one or both, we want to hear from you! 

If you’re a writer, artist, poet, photographer or any other creative, we would love to see what your ‘time and space’ is. We are an inclusive space, but particularly want to give a platform to marginalised people and those underrepresented in mainstream media. If you are a creative and consider yourself a part of a marginalised group, please consider submitting your work <3

If you would like to contribute to our second issue Time and Space then please submit your work, including the above requirement, to

Please note that whilst we welcome a wide range of opinions and encourage open discussion, we have zero tolerance of submissions that feature discriminatory or hateful speech and will not accept submissions of this nature.

thank you,

the aspect magazine team x

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